Digital Piano – Yamaha P95

Digital Piano Yamaha P95

Some time ago I purchased a digital piano, primarily for practicing purposes. Thus, the decent key action was most important. In a music shop of Malaga I was able to test side by side Yamaha P95 and a top model of Roland. The key action of Yamaha P95 was very close to the much more expensive model of Roland piano! The piano sound of P95 was also OK. The body is plastic, but for home use it is good enough. The sustain pedal was in the package. Thus, for 600€ it was a great deal!

If I need better sounds, then it is aways possible to get sound modules.

Now, after 2 months of practicing, I am glad I bought this keyboard. The key action is very piano-like. So far I haven’t used recording, metronome nor midi options that are on-board. Only plain piano is needed for me! Also important is that key action is relatively silent. If I play late at night with headphones on, it doesn’t disturb others.

I truly think that this is one the best digital piano at this price range.


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  1. Great review! It’s nice to hear about comparisons of the different brands. Thank you for the information.

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